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Kyle Ciquera


Quentin Newcomer

Andrew Quattrin


Nic Souchon

Cole Keith


Kyle Stewart

Josh Larsen


Collin Grosse

Jesse Parete


Tevita Naqali

Sam Fischli


Lautaro Bavaro

Joe Johnston


Cory Gilliland-Daniel

Wian Conradie


Jamason Fa'anana-Schultz

John Poland

Danny Tusitala

Jayson Potroz


Joaquin Diaz Bonilla

Paula Balekana


William Talataina-Mu

Wayne van der Bank


Fermin Martinez

Ben LeSage


Thretton Palamo

Mitch Wilson


Marcos Young

Reece MacDonald


Kurt Baker

free jacks     –     old glory   

Kianu Kereru-Symes    16    Facundo Gattas             
Tevita Sole   17  John Iscaro  
        Joel Hintz   18  Ramiro Herrera
       Conor Keys  19   Fintan Coleman
Cam Davidowicz   20  Alejo Daireaux   
Holden Yungert   21  John LeFevre       
      Spencer Jones   22    Michael Debulas
Taniela Filimone   23 Owen Sheehy.         

Foster Dewit
Le Roux Malan
Mitch Jacobson
Reegan O’Gorman
Semisi Paea

letter from tom kindley

Dear Free Jacks, 

Thank you so much for being with us today to celebrate our 2023 St Patrick’s Day Home Opener.

Thank you so much for being with us today to celebrate our 2023 St Patrick’s Day Home Opener.


It is surreal to look back at how far we have come since our first Major League Rugby game in 2020, a journey which many of you embarked on with us and have since been there every step of the way. 


Today, we are not only here to enjoy a game of rugby, but also a well rounded festival experience, equipped with kids activations, stout tasting, live music, and of course your New England Free Jacks as the main event!


We are privileged to have made our home in the great city of Quincy, and gorgeous Veteran’s Memorial Stadium. Thank you to the city of Quincy for embracing us as your own. 


We are honored to play in front of the most passionate, caring and engaged supporters, members, and rangers in the league. It truly makes Veteran’s Memorial stadium a very difficult place for opposition to come and play us, and often wills us over the try-line.


Today marks our 4th season within MLR, and 41st game within the competition. Since the beginning, our primary objective has been to be hungry, represent the club with humility, and have a boatload of fun along the way. I’m sure you are going to bear witness to that out on the hallowed Veteran’s Memorial Turf today. 


Today marks a very special occasion with our club captain and Free Jacks #1 Josh Larsen making his 50th Major League Rugby appearance. A tireless leader, Josh has led from the front every step of the way. A lot of you will be familiar with not only his on field exploits, but also his efforts to grow the game and connect with the New England Community.  Please make a lot of noise for our captain as he takes the pitch!


As always, thank you and – let’s ride!

rugby 101

Rugby is a full-contact, free flowing sport. The game is made up of 2 40-minute halves.  A team wins by moving forward and scoring more points than the other team. Watch the video and check out the terms below. 

There are 15 players on the pitch; 8 forwards and 7 backs. The number on the back of your jersey indicates your position.

  1. Tight head prop
  2. Hooker
  3. Loose head prop
  4. Second row
  5. Second row
  6. Blind side flanker
  7. Open side flanker
  8. Number 8
  9. Scrum-Half
  10. Fly-Half
  11. Left Wing
  12. Inside Center
  13. Outside Center
  14. Right Wing
  15. Full Back


In order to make your way down the field, the ball must be passed either sideways or backwards. The ball can only move forward if kicked or carried by a player.


Unlike American football, rugby players do not wear pads. This actually makes the game safer as it encourages proper tackle technique with arms and shoulders and not heads. Any contact to the head will be penalized with either a penalty, yellow or red card.


Players score by either physically touching the ball down in the “Try zone”, or scoring a penalty kick off of the other team’s infringement.


The main objective of the game; to touch the ball down in the opponent’s end-zone (Try-zone) area for a score worth 5 points. The ball must be touched down to the ground under control for the score to count!


After scoring a try, a team will kick for an additional 2-points from the line that the try was touched down


Used to restart play after a technical infringement. All 8 forwards join to compete for the ball.


Used to restart play after the ball goes out of bounds. Forwards assemble in a straight line across from each other, where one team’s Hooker throws the ball down the middle. Each team uses various formations to lift players and compete for the ball.


An infringement when a player loses, drops, or knocks the ball forward from their hands, resulting in a scrum to the other team. 

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player spotlight

free jack number one earns fifty mlr caps

Today we celebrate Josh Larsen and his 50th Major League Rugby Cap. 

Josh joined the free jacks at the inception in 2019. Josh was the first … 

captain and the first person to earn a cap for the Free Jacks

Josh Larsen looks to drive the Free Jacks forward as Captain of the squad. The powerful second row has quickly become a standout in the MLR as well as the steadfast leader of his own pack. Born in British Columbia, Larsen grew up in New Zealand, where he started playing rugby at six years old. In 2017, Larsen earned a spot on the Canadian Senior Men’s Team against the Maori All Blacks in Vancouver. From there on, he has accumulated international 20 caps and in 2019 was selected for the Rugby World Cup in Japan.